Thursday, 28 August 2008

I'm still here!

Sorry I have not around much lately what with the summer holidays, and getting prepared for a show I am doing this weekend, I have been a bit slack with blogging. I have been checking up with you lot, so I know all the gossip in your world but I have not been providing any of my own.

Well what have I been up to, I have redesigned my Website which should be going live in the next few days, I have got to iron out a few hitches there. I have been doing bits of sewing for a fair I have this weekend at Richard Herrod Playing field in Nottingham.

I have also been sorting out all my produce, potato's, tomato and spring onions, I have to say they were and are lovely. I have also made my first lot of jam, I have to say it was a success but it did test me at times.

Catch up soon.

Vanessa x


saraeden said...

Ey up , website looks great me duck !! Sorry i will stop it now ;0)

Have a good weekend at the fair !!


Petticoat Lane said...

Very impressed by the website. I can't even manage this blogging business let alone build a website! Hope the fair goes well and you sell lots and lots of lovely things.
Jane (aka Kate Moss).

Katy said...

Summer hols are great to spend with the kids, but they don't half get in the way of blogging, do they?!

periwinkle said...

great new banner - hope your fair goes well
lisa x

picciolo said...

sound like you have been busy! I like your new header picture
: )