Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Bum in gear time!

Over the last year or so I have been make the odd purchase here & there on Ebay or on our local market. It all started with the 1950's kitchen cupboard, which hubbo fixed and did the 1st coat of paint. Then the school desk & 2 chairs that I won on Ebay for £2.80. Then came the small sewing table/box from the market for £7. The part upholstered chair was bought from the market for £12 and then I spent one of my sewing lessons partially upholstering it. The garden furniture has just got piled on there to save doing a paint job in the summer.

This was my next purchase from Ebay, a dresser which needs repainting and then putting in my dining room. But when I went to collect it the lady was selling a matching table & 4 chairs, so they got thrown into the van as well.

The point of this post is you DON'T need to buy anymore furniture & your car will never fit into the garage until you get your bum in gear Vanessa!

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mollycupcakes said...

No but who really needs space for a car when yiou've so many lovely items lol
Well done on all your finds, i never see anything good on there :(

Thanks for your comment, yes it's gone crazy on NOTHS and now i'm waiting for more blanks hearts to arrives so i can carry on with them all argh! wish someone would buy a pack of i love you pegs, as i have them coming out of my ears hehe!
With love,
oh god i really must get my bum in gear and let Ellie know the wording for my invites.