Monday, 1 February 2010

New addition!

I realised the other day whilst cleaning out the bunny that I had not shown you little dears Christmas present. His name is Boo, he's a chocolate otter dwarf lop, he is absolutely gorgeous and very nice natured.

Little dear has all ready lost interest in him a bit, but I love going into the garage and having a little cuddle with him!


Veronica said...

What a cutie. I loved it when my son had his bunny.

Sal said...

He is gorgeous and so beautiful! I'm glad he is nice natured.
My nephew had one very similar but sadly the little rabbit was very nervous he found it very difficult to pick it up and cuddle.

jessica daisy said...

What a sweetie, so cute!
Ella is 6, but she is so into drawing at the mo, I was actually quite surprised at how beautifully she filled it in!

belleandboo said...

ohhh boo is so adorable, I want one