Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Just to show what i have been up to!

Forgot to show you these, I went into the local Cancer research Shop and walked out with these! £2.50 for 2 table clothes & a pillow case. You lot say there are no bargains out their! Come and visit the Charity shops in Retford, there is still loads left!!!!!

This is my greatest achievement, I never would of thought that I had the patience to make bunting!

See you all later in the week. I am on my own (with little darling) for 2 nights as hubbo has gone up to Keswick! YEH!!!!!!!!!!
Blogging in peace


Florence said...

Oh the prettiness of that Cath Kidston jug!

It is always the things that you think will be easy that end up being truly horrendous isn't it? Well done on the bunting! x

saraeden said...

Keep a look out for Mr Postie !!!

Sara x

mollycupcakes said...

Love it all hun.
But the bunting is my fav, so next question how much is it?

Have a good couple of nights.
Catherine x

periwinkle said...

Hi.. thanks for posting a comment on my blog, you made my day with "the outlaw". Even though the situation itself isn't funny that did make me laugh. Reading your blog, you say "you used to believe in Fairies--you mean you don't now, shame on you :-) thanks again love Lisa x

Katy said...

Lovely bunting. It is a pain to make, isn't it?
It all looks gorgeous though...as usual!

retrorose said...

I like your stuff. I understand what you say about being a Mum. I am hopeless and also wonderful. I feel so glad that they are so forgiving! Made icecream sliders for them this evening, so I feel I have given them a very happy moment! Love sliders! Thanks for stopping by the blog. I'll read yours regularly now.

tillyboo said...

Lovely, lovely ! All so fresh and lovely ...

Have a look at my bargain tablecloth find. It is pot luck what you can find but if you look often and hard enough you may just find a little treasure.