Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Charity Shop finds!

A few more Enid books to add to little dears collection, she cannot even read by the way!

2 tea sets, £3.oo for the gold set, the white set £1 and the beautiful pink cup & saucer was 50p. The 2 sets have all ready had candles melted into them and the pink one has been added to my personal stash.

Not a lot going on this week as I have started my new job and let me tell you there more to working in the Post Office other than stamps & car tax!

Off to Scarborough at the weekend for a family catch up, so may have a few photos.


saraeden said...

Love the pink cup very much x

Hope the new job is going well x

Sara x

Samantha said...

Nice finds - I have the Bimbo and Topsy book too. It reminds me of our pets: Arthur and Dulcie

Lavender hearts said...

Looks like it's congrats to you too! :-) It does focus you. I just ticked off another couple of items. :-)