Friday, 8 January 2010

Tales of the snow!

What to do in the snow but bake low fat blueberry muffins!

Stoke this up, it has been on none stop since before Christmas, I only have 2 bags of coal left and coal man has cancelled on me twice due to snow! The ashes are been thrown onto the drive/pavement to provide good grip!

This had to be done we spent 3 hours building this, I cannot believe how much snow it took to build. It also doubles up well to provide a giant bird table!

More sewing & planning will be achieved over the weekend as little dear is at her Dad's (thank god as I may kill her, we only live next door but one to school, so we could manage to get in, even if there was'nt any teachers!)


mollycupcakes said...

Wow a truly cosy looking home.
I've been mean and said no to going out in the snow. I can't stand the cold and just want to hibernate like the heghogs do.
Thanks for the address info i thought you'd moved away, silly me.

You're fabulous sister is going to do some invites for me, thats if i ever get back to her with the wording of it all lol

Keep warm and safe lovely lady.
Catherine x

Andrea said...

Do you know what, I invested in a Kenwood Chef before Christmas....what have I done with it so far? Nothing!!! How bad is that, if this weather keeps up me tinks that I may do some this week end have inspired me!!! xx

Ticking stripes said...

A Notts blogger! See you going to a Hope and Elvis workshop - I've been to 3 of these now and am going to one in Feb (the paper one!). They are great - you'll love it!

Carol said...

Happy New Year!
Is it my eyes or am I right in thinking that you have snow in your stove?
I have planned so many times to bake and no I have not managed anything, got all the gagets but no enthusiasm! Well done to you, ow fat as well, even better.
I have more logs on order as well as the shopping so I am desperate that Tues and Weds is not too bad otherwise I will be going hungry as well as cold!
Carol x