Monday, 4 January 2010

Photo retrieval!

A holiday in May to Crete (little dear Swimming)

Me & little dear on Balcony in Crete

Holiday in July to Ilfracombe with all my family (Little Dear at Exmoor Zoo)

Hubbo/Brother/Niece/Sister/little dear on Woolacombe beach (very windy)

Little dear leaving Pre-School Party

Little dear's 5th Birthday party 01/09/09 at Fancie in Sheffield, brilliant!

A good time was had by all at tea party!

Little dears 1st day at big school 04/09/09

Little dears nativity in December (Inn keepers wife)

My sisters hen weekend in September, 7 woman, 4 pregnant including hen. Pretty tame day activity painting a tea set for the bride.

Finished pots, ready to be baked. Great activity at Fired arts & crafts in Southwell

Italian themed night, great food, wine and non alcoholic drinks for pregnant women!

The 3 non pregnant women in the party (drunk)

Christmas morning, little dear putting on her CK slippers, Santa has good taste!

Sorry there are lots of photos, I have been having problems downloading photo's on my camera since May!


Josie-Mary said...

How nice to look back over the year. Nice tea set, what a good idea :)

Andrea said...

It is sooo nice to have a good old range over old piccies isn't it? Have u snow? x