Thursday, 8 January 2009

Christmas presents & crafting!

The best thing since sliced bread in my opinion at this moment in time, I have cooked in it 3 times all ready this week. A good pressie from the Out Laws for Christmas!
Sausage casserole, they look a little dirty don't they or is that my dirty mind!

This beautiful Coffee set was given to me just before Christmas by a friend, she knew I would appreciate it as it was her Mum's, so thank you Toniann if you are reading this!

I know you might all be what is she nuts making Christmas decorations in January, but in my efforts to be better organised I thought whilst I am still in a Christmassy mood why not make these. I have also made matching Stars & Stocking!

Here are my efforts for Valentines present, beautiful Mother of Pearl Button hearts, they are in the most gorgeous colours, silver, pink, purple, brown and mint green. I am going to load them onto my website next week! I struggle a bit for ideas for Valentine gifts as the majority of my customers are woman so they are looking for gifts for there partners, so if any of you have any ideas please let me know, I might send a little gift to anyone who comes up with any ideas!

This is me crafting this afternoon, just so Sara can see I actually do do some!

Here are my recent charity shop purchases, 2 cup & saucers for 69p each, used this afternoon when little dear decided we needed a tea party. And this fab book for £1. It has sewing, gardening, paper crafts ideas its great!

Got more sewing to do tomorrow plus some cutting out!
Remember the SALE is on at Just Original if you want to grab a bargain!


Jude said...

Marvelous, the christmas trees are lovely. Put them somewhere safe... I'd spend next Dec. wondering where I'd put them...........

Jude said...

oops, forgot, see! Slow cooker, don't know what I've done all these years without one. Found mine packed in all the boxes just before Christmas and I've used it so many times since.

saraeden said...

We love slow cookers !!!! I have that book too must dig it out and have another look at it .
Lovely tree's and i love the holes in them , cannot wait to play with my hole punch thingy ;0)

I have been busy too , i will take some photo's this morning .

Sara x

picciolo said...

hello! That casserole looks yummy! and I like your decorations
: )