Friday, 23 January 2009

Roll on September!

You might be thinking what's happening in September, well I might sound heartless but September the 3rd is when little dear starts full time school! As some of you know I don't find motherhood the easiest part of my life. I have a very little patience with her and this has in turn rubbed on to little dear, she is very cheeky and as I call it lippy(answering back) at the moment. Another thing that is getting me down is she is forever making a mess in every room she enters, she is like a whirlwind. Also the biggest problem at the moment is that she has not got her 'Listening Ears' on. I have to say it turned 9 O clock and I hit the wine bottle (God I sound like a wino, but I am not!) Any way I am not the kinda person that gives out sympathy, so I am not here looking for it! On a more positive note look below.
This beauty appeared on my windowsill this week, I was left with one from the Christmas fair which I was really pleased about as I wanted to see how they turned out! I have to say I was rather pleased with the result. Very beautiful!

I have had to raid some of my CK stash this week for a possible wholesale order that I have brewing, so fingers crossed for that one. I have been kinda busy this week with work, not necessarily sewing though. I met up with a couple of Craft Fair buddies to discuss fairs for 2009 as I think this year might be a strange one for crafters.
Going to bed now slightly drunk as we are going away tomorrow to sunny Scarborough for one of our annual family get togethers.
Have a good weekend
Forgot to mention the irony of little dears schooling, she was born on September the 1st which means she missed out on starting school by ONE day, and our local Primary school only has one intake per year!


mollycupcakes said...

You'll get though the litle dears outbursts, just like we're get through Daisy's tantrums lol i just keeptelling myself that hehe! then open the bottle of wine too, so I'm with you on that one sweetie.
Have a fabulous time andplease give that very wonderful sister of your's a big hug for me. The invite sample is sooo beautiful i was nearly in tears. Can't wait to get a date set and work with her on them. And tell her sorry again for Daisy calling her Granny when she spoke to her on the phone lol
Catherine x

Lavender hearts said...

I feel for you. I don't know how you mums do it! I think I would go insane. My friend brought round her kids (2 and 4) and I was following them around with a dust pan and brush, cloth, hoover you name it! I think if I was a mum I would be frazzled and a size 8! :-)

Pixiedust said...

My nephews a little whirlwind, actually more like a tornado when he comes around. We don't have kids yet (working on it) so I have all this to come!

Pretty Daf, my hyacinths are just starting to flower this morning will have to post another pic soon.

Enjoy scarborough, take care Pixiedust. xxx

Rachel said...

Much better to be the oldest in the year than the youngest, though, don't you think? That daf looks so pretty in the teacup!

Lazylol said...

It is hard being a mum sometimes, I had a rough week with my youngest too and he is 18! I also hit the wine last night!

Have fun in Scarborough - I should've have been going to Bridlington today but it was called off.

Cowboys and Custard said...

Hello Vanessa.. I am also not the most patient mother in the world.. I wish I was and how I would love to turn the clock back and do things differently. But .. I have a loving, charming.. beautiful 14 year old boy who I adore.. It does get easier!
Lovely to hear from you again..
Michele xx

Jude said...

Just remember... it will pass.

saraeden said...

Never mind kids i will swap you for himself who has his new phone on the star wars setting !!!

But seriously time will fly and it is just a stage she is going through honest hun it does get easier !

Me x