Tuesday, 13 January 2009

I feel an Easter theme coming on!

For a while now I have wanted to try out an egg cosy, and yesterday seemed to be the day, after a few prototypes due to size issue I settled for this one! I am planning to get these on the website for the run up to Easter!
This ones for Sara's little girl, Kitty. Just to let you know your bunny costume is in good hands. Any way popping up to Keswick for a couple of days to sort out decoration and a new kitchen and then hopefully we are looking to put it back onto the Holiday Let market, so if anyone fancies a holiday in the Lake District keep us in mind, it should be all complete by March!


Rosesposes said...

Hi Vanessa
Your little un looks so sweet in that bunny costume. A great idea an egg cosy for easter time. Its a good alternative pressie thats not made of chocolate!. Sometimes I like to get my kids a little easter treat that is not made of chocolate!
I havent been to the Lake District before it is on my list for wanting to visit though. Maybe one day in the future
X Dominique

mollycupcakes said...

What a cute pink bunny.
And that egg cosy looks fabulous.
Hope all goes well with the holiday home, hmm would that make a nice honeymoon? i do hate to fly ick!
I'll speak to him indoors lol

You're sister sounds lovely Vanessa, I'm speaking to her tomorrow morning as when she called tonight the cupcakes had just gone crazy because Mr Cupcake had just walked in the door. I could hardly hear myself think let alone hear Ellie lol
Thanks for putting my on to her beautiful website.
Catherine x