Sunday, 11 January 2009

My sisters new website!

If you know my sister you will know what it has taken her to get to this point with her business. She gets very side tracked at times and cannot make a decision to save her life, but when she decided on something she puts 100% into it. She is also a Virgo which makes her a perfectionist!

She decided after designing my Wedding stationary 4 years ago, and then getting her qualification as a Graphic Designer that she did not want to go and work in a normal agency as it would not be creative enough for her so she decided to start her own business. On top of all the wedding stationary she also does logo designs, Point of Sale material and various other things but her heart is with her Wedding Stationary design.

Please take a look at her website and her Blog that is included within it and let me know what you think! And remember if you know anyone who is getting married pass on her details!

Hope you are having a good weekend


Jude said...

Wish your sister all the very best from me. It's a lovely site.
For better or worse!!(pun) I'm designing and producing my daughter's stationery.........

saraeden said...

There's nothing wrong with getting side tracked ;0)

Great website ... i love it x x x

Sara x

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Hi, I've been fine today just had a momentt when doing the post!!
I've had a look at your sisteres website, it looks fab, good luck to her! Claire xx

mollycupcakes said...

OMG Vanessa,
I've just been on her website and fallen in love with the bird invites she does. I've emailed her for a sample pack.
Can't wait to hear from her now, everything on there looks so beautiful, wish her all the very best.
Thank you again for the draught excluder, it's working it's magic for us.
Catherine x

Rosesposes said...

Hi Vanessa
Your sisters sight is a lovely sight and I love her work. Will know where to come now. How great two crafty sisters
x Dom