Thursday, 1 May 2008

Cheering a girl up!

My mood did not last long, all it took was a red package to arrive this morning and inside with the collaboration of Country Living & Emma Bridgewater cheered me right up. I signed up for the subscription offer in this months CL Magazine and this is my free gift! Plenty of tea & biscuits for me I feel!

I received this lovely cake from Natalie @ Summer by the Sea on Monday, its lovely Thanks! My little dear took it to school this morning to talk about, she said she stopped anyone from touching it as it's very precious (even the teachers were not allowed to touch it!)

From a previous post I mentioned about a recipe book that my little dears Pre-School had done, this is the front cover, if you look very carefully you can see me & little dear, were third in on the top line (yellow background). Not one of my most glamorous photo's!

News on the veg patch is that the lettuce seeds have come through, the tomato & cucumber plants have started to flower so they can now be planted in the grow bag! no news on the spring onions & spuds!
Thanks for the kind comments on yesterday's post, I am feeling a lot better I think the weathers helped a lot aswell.



You were in need of a few treats through the post, and you got them, they are lovely. I really do think the idea of a recipe book with photos of kids and mums on is a great one, something which can be kept and looked back on, really nice. x

driftwood said...

lots of tea in a gorgeous cup - perfect!

Suzie Sews said...

WOW adorable goodies, I love Emma's stuff and the cup cake soooo sweet!!!

shabby chic said...

Hi vanessa,
Sorry to here you have had a stinky cold . They do make you feel tired. All this rain has been miserable, roll on sunny days.
The cook book looks lovely , and its nice that you got to be on the front too, you and your daughter look alike very sweet both of you. I hope you will share your favourite recipe on your blog too!. I think mums do know good recipes( maybe not me though!). The cupcake looks delicious too, pretty & pink what we all like too
take care x Dom

picciolo said...

What a fantastic subscription gift, I want one! The recipe book looks good, what did you make?
: )

jessica daisy said...

Country living and Emma Bridgewater China! Lucky you, perfect for curling up on the sofa with.

tillyboo said...

Ooh, love the cup and saucer. We have the teapot to match. I bought it from Tilly to her daddy for his birthday and on the bottom I had painted 'Tup of Tea' as that's what Tilly used to say.

The spotty design is lovely isn't it - as are all of the designs.

Summer by the sea said...

The recipe book looks great Vanessa, what a great keepsake - glad your little one liked the cake, although I'm not sure its worthy of a 'show and tell'! - Natalie x

Cowboys & Custard said...

I am a big fan of the spotty Emma Bridgewater china.. tea always tastes better in a pretty cup..


Sal said...

Country Living and Emma Bridgewater make the perfect combination.I have the Bridgewater spotty tins,which my mum gave me for Christmas. The cupcake looks good enough to eat too.

periwinkle said...

Glad you are feeling a bit better, lovely little cup too
Lisa x

Miss sew n sew said...

That bridgewater cup would cheer me up too I love the recipe book that's a lovely idea enjoy your CL mag!

saraeden said...

Lovely cup you got there !!

Glad your feeling like your old self again ;0)

S x x

belleandboo said...

thanks for your well wishes Vanessa, I hope you feel fighting fit soon & fingers crossed for a beautiful summer, I think we all need it
Mandy :)

Katherines Dream said...

Wow...I love your free gift. I am still waiting for my mine!
I have the biscuit barrell that goes with this set...bought from EBay, bargain.

JuicyFig said...

oooh, I have been debating all month weather to subscribe to CL to get that damn cup!!! and now I really want it! hehe