Sunday, 11 May 2008

Just wanted to say 'Good Morning'

I feel like I have been awake for hours, I first woke up at 5 O Clock then 6 O Clock and by 7 O Clock I though why not, so by 8 I had had my breakfast, polished through downstairs (Only 2 rooms) and then started on the ironing. Little dear & hubbo did not wake up until 9.15. By that time I had given up on the ironing and jumped in the shower.

We had our first BBQ last night at home, it was great I just hate cleaning the BBQ afterwards, so that's a task this morning. We are going for a walk this morning and then I have lots to do this afternoon as I have my 1st fair next Sunday!

The above picture is of my Mum, my sister and my little dear bowling. Every one says that me & my sister are twins, I some times have to double take when I walk by shop windows. The thing is she is older than me which always gives me great comfort.

Have a good day!


periwinkle said...

Yes, you certainly do look alike, I love BBQ's
Lisa x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Ooohh cleaning the BBQ is horrid isn't it!
Hope you had a good time
love ALison x


Gosh Yes you do lok alike! I just thought it was you in the pic!
Little Dear looks a happy little soul, nice to see.
x Vicky x

shabby chic said...

Hi Vanessa,
Yes you and your sister do look alike, especially with your little girl too. You could all be mistaken for triplets!
Hope your veg is growing well too, I go out and check mine and get all excited if its grown a centimetre !.
Your little babba looks so gorgeous, hope your getting some sleep.
I remember when mine where babies , in the end I was sleep walking when they woke up and getting up with my eyes shut!. At least it does get easier. I dont think mummies know tiredness as much as in those first few months( I know I didnt)

take care
x Dom

Katherines Dream said...

Gosh you are alike.
Thank you so much for your lovely gifts, I was so suprised, you are very thoughtful. Katie says thank you too! I am guessing tht you made the 'Grow' dish?
We had our first BBq on Friday evening and then again on Sunday afternoon.....was good fun although our bbq is getting old and hub will not invest in a new one until this one collapses!
Carol xx

Lazylol said...

Wow you and your sister are like twins!
I love getting up early and making a start on the day. We have been having some BBQs in this lovely weather but luckily my OH is in charge of BBQ cleaning.
Where is your fair going to be? Good luck with getting ready for it.

Summer by the sea said...

Hi Vanessa, hope preparation for the fair on Sunday is going well, hope you sell loads! - Natalie x

Miss sew n sew said...

You and your sister do look like twins I thought it was you before I read your post! Cleaning the barbecue is a rotten job.

picciolo said...

Hi, you certainly do look alike! Your barbecue sounds good, and your seedlings are all coming along well too
: )