Saturday, 19 January 2008

The Production Line is up & running!

I decided the best way for me is to cut out lots of things at once and then sew at my leisure. I have managed to sew up 6 tissue holders, 4 lavender hearts, 3 lavender pillows, 1 baby bib, 1 bag and 2 mini lavender sachets. Most of the material used was from my new stash of Cath Kidston fabric. I had a delivery of 3 metres of different fabric from CK herself(on-line shop) that my husband treated me to last week. I have plans for every last cm of it. I was getting rather bored of my Just Original fabric so that's why I had a change for a week or two.

Actually I have got to get back into the Just Original fabric as I have had an order from one of my wholesalers, and its for something that I have not replenished since the Christmas rush.

My task tomorrow is to hopefully take some photo's and open an Etsy shop! That little task has been on my to do list since last week, it will probably be on there next week!

Have a great day tomorrow!


mollycupcakes said...

Look forward to seeing some of that gorgeous Cath Kidston creations, ooow I just can't resist her website, I have £30 vouchers to spend but sadly you can't use them on her website yet so it means a trip into one of her shop "oh no!" what a chore hehe!
Enjoy your weekend and I'll be popping your cheque in the post next tuesday for my order. Thanks sweetie, sorry I've just not been out in this crappy weather.
Catherine x

Florence said...

Is that a new header? (so sorry if not, how could I not have noticed it before now?) Either way, the things in it look gorgeous.

Lucky you with all that CK material!

Garden girl said...

Very exciting to hear about your shop- let me know how you get on with setting up. I am still building up a supply of bits and pieces before going any further with mine but hopefully won't be too much longer!

Dragonfly said...

Hi Vanessa - thank you for your comment on my blog. I love your stuff and I'm looking forward to the CK additions. I bought a little set of tins in her shop on my shopping spree - bargain in the sale!

La don said...

People should read this.