Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Unpacking the baby stuff!

No I am not pregnant, one of my friends is pregnant and she is coming over tonight to pick up all my baby stuff. Cot, Sterilisers, play mat and some new born baby clothes. Me & hubbo went into the loft night and got all the stuff out. I started looking at all the baby clothes and what size they were, I did not get broody I was just sad that I DON'T want anymore children.

I have found it really hard been a Mum, and for a woman that used to be a training manager, I have no patience with her. I find myself shouting and can not wait for some-one to take her off my hands!! I sound really nasty, I do love her to death and she gives me a purpose in life, if that makes sense! The really funny thing is that her birthday is on the 1st of September so she will be 5 when she starts school, as the local Primary School has only one intake a year. By then I think I will be tearing my hair out and she will be really bored!

Any way must get back to my Leek & Potato soup.

Thanks again for all my comments on my last post, I am still feeling inspired!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Being a mum is ALWAYS hard work and frustrating and exhausting - doesn't mean we don't love them!!! My mum was lucky - coz even though my birthday was also on 1st September I was allowed to be the youngest in the year! Lucy x

French Knots said...

Being a parent is hard, they can push us right to the edge - probably because we love them so much!

Ali said...

It IS hard being a Mum. Good on you for telling it like it is.

saraeden said...

I think your a great mum !!

Kids are such hard work , you know what my little darlings are like ;0)

Sara x