Monday, 7 January 2008


Just to let you know what I have done off my list today

  • Apron completed (this was suppose to be a present for my Mum for Christmas).
  • Tea towel trialled and washed twice to check for shrinkage.
  • Ordered fabric.
  • Thought about photo's, need a professional photographer or my sister's intervention.
  • Can not remember the 5th thing so I have obviously not done it.

Might see you all tomorrow!


Florence said...

But that's the best way...the one's that drop off the list through forgetfulness you eventually realise probably didn't need doing anyway!

Nice apron too! x

Florence said...

one's....what was that about?

Ragged Roses said...

That apron is lovely! It's great when you cam tick things off a list - my problem is never remembering to put everything on the list to start with! Good luck with it all

lupin cottage designs said...

Hi Vanessa

Thanks for leaving me that list of craft fairs on my blog.

It's so nice to get the little bits and pieces finished it realy gives you a sense of accomplishment I've got a pile of mending and finishing to do you may have inspire me to get it done


saraeden said...

I like the new look !!
Glad the lists going well , mines not doing so well here surprise surprise !!

Sara x

Sophie Stansfield said...

Hi Vanessa,
Thanks so much for popping by! I see you are a lover of Polka too - I love the apron!
Sophie x

The List Writer said...


Thanks for dropping by my blog. I see you have almost as many lists as me!

I am a HUGE apron fan too, and have just sent off photos of my brown polka dot one to Tie One On - check it out if you don't know it already. Your pink one is lovely - really like the trim around the pocket.

Garden girl said...

what a lovely apron, my favourite day I shall learn to sew!