Thursday, 17 January 2008

We need your help!

This is a request from my sister, she is setting up a business producing wedding stationary. She is putting together a business plan and she needs to do some market research. She needs to ask you what the approx cost of your Wedding and roughly how much your wedding stationary cost you! I would like to say there was a prize for the most expensive wedding but there is not! Just lots of fab invites to look at in the future when she gets up & running.

Thanks a lot


Katy said...

My wedding was $500 and I didn't have any stationary.
Sorry!!! (I got married in Las Vegas though, so that explains it)
Keep us updated with her prgress!

mollycupcakes said...

Hope she does really well. I can't help with the wedding stationary but with all this wedding talk, I had a great dream last night that my man took me on a beautiful walk and then got down on one knee and poppe the big question. Awww I woke up feeling very happy. But sadly I can only dream.
I think I'd be happy to pay up to £50 for my stationary I'd only have a few people to invite, so won't need lots. But handmade is the way to go. x
Catherine x

Garden girl said...

Our wedding was 6k all in(including honeymoon, dress, the works) and the stationary cost £50- It is worth mentioning that the wedding was very very small of luck to your sister and her new business!

lupin cottage designs said...

I had a very small wedding and spent about £500.00. We had 12 close family and friends at the cermony, lunch then a really big party at night and I made all my own stationary.


acorn and will said...

Oh dear, I'm feeling like a spendthrift but our wedding cost about £20k and I think about £300 of that was wedding stationery, but it was a big one with day and evening invites, reply cards, place cards and thank you cards all in. Hope that helps! Jennifer