Sunday, 20 April 2008


My eyes, nose and throats are so itchy! We went to hubbo's Mum & Dad's yesterday and they live in the middle of a field and that was it, Hayfever! It has even effected me today, I've been eating Fishermans friends as it's the only thing that has soothed my throat.

It has not stopped me doing stuff this weekend though.

Saturday - Sewed up 14 Lavender Pillows, 5 bags and did a bot of house work (not a full hour though), little dear was with her grandparents so we took advantage and went to the garden centre where hubbo treated me to one of those zip up greenhouses, some vegetables bags to grow spuds in, tomato & cucumber plants, spuds and compost.

He then treated me to afternoon tea at the lovely trendy cafe. I picked up a leaflet there for some fab courses for making bags/purses/quilts etc out of vintage fabric at only £40 for the day. I will post more information on these later in the week. Just to let you know they are at The Harley Gallery near Worksop, its on the Welbeck estate which has a great garden centre, fab cafe and the Welbeck Farm Shop which was featured in Country Living Magazine (April) with the man holding the sausages.

Sunday - Loaded up some stock on to Etsy, did some more sewing. Hubbo put up some Ikea drawers that we bought last week for our bedroom, so this meant I had to have a sort out and clean up in our room. I also tided up my sewing room (again)! I feel more productive if I have sort out regularly. Packaged up some of Just Original stock, made 3 Lavender hearts for an order.

So all in all quite a productive weekend I would have liked to of sorted out my mini allotment but the weather has been miserable here today, it has not stopped raining. Its just supposed to be cloudy tomorrow so I may have some photo's for tomorrows post!

Hope you all had a good weekend!


periwinkle said...

Hayfever is just horrible-- hope you feel better soon. Flat pack furniture is just horrendous too, we always end up having a tiff before the offending item has been finished lol
Lisa x

driftwood said...

sounds like you've had a great weekend, apart from the sneezles, those workshops sound fab

Lazylol said...

Hope your hayfever is a bit better. Crikey you did a lot over the weekend, just reading about it makes me feel tired!
I love the little turtle magnet you won on the last post btw

Pixiedust said...

Blimey you had a busy weekend. I always have so many good intentions of things I'm going to get done, but they quite often never come to anything. Have you tried taking local honey for your hayfever?

Florence said...

Having suffered from hayfever for years and tried every thing going from over the counter medicines to acupuncture I can honestly say that this weird, embarrassing contraption is the only thing that has remotely helped...use 3 times a day, safely out of view from humans or has helped me enormously! Hope you feel better soon. x

shabby chic said...

Yes hayfever is annoying, i get really cross when i sneeze too much!.
I have just been planting up some salad stuff. Hope you get to plant yours in the next lot of sun x Dom

Miss sew n sew said...

Wow you have been busy been meaning to visit the Welbeck Estate sounds good shall have to go on a sunny day. Hope your hayfever get's better drives me mad that good luck with your mini allottment.

mollycupcakes said...

Poor sweetie, it's not nice having hayfever, a real pain. Hope your better today.
Still sounded like you had a great weekend.
Look forward to seeing the photos, I'm off to look at your etsy shop now.

Oh and a big thank you my Mum just loved her apron you made. I gave it to her from the girls for her birthday, she put it on straight away. Thanks hun x


Catherine x