Thursday, 17 April 2008

The stakes are high!

Up to close of business yesterday there is not a lot in the points stake between me & Sara.

Sara = 80.5 points

Vanessa = 79 points

It's quite strange as I find myself thinking what I can do to get points. Some of the points are a problem to get as times as in getting my little dear to bed before 7.30, and packaging items up as in theory you have to sell something to package it up! I don't know if its just me at the moment but it seems very quiet at the moment on my website and on the Land of Blog. Does everyone think the same.

I went to the good book shop in Retford today and there window display was so brilliant, it was all about allotments, small holdings and self sufficiency! I bough a great book called '21st Century Smallholder', only managed to have a quick flick but all looks good!

I promise to put more photos on tomorrow!


Pixiedust said...

I think business and blogs are quiet at the moment as well. Nobody's got much extra cash at the moment, and I think we all feel a bit in limbo. xx

Ali said...

Yes, it IS quiet. Glad you said something because I thought it was just my own paranoia thinking it.