Tuesday, 22 April 2008

The Good Life!

Well not exactly, but I did manage to get the little greenhouse up and fill the grow bags yesterday. I have planted potatoes, spring onions, lettuces and re planted my strawberries (not outside). I spoke to my Dad this morning and he has said to keep planting my potatoes every 2 weeks so I get a good crop, I am planting the remainder in compost sacks as he said that was recommended on 'Gardner's World' and who'd argue with Monty Don. I have to say I would of preferred to have my veg patch ready but at the moment it's full of rubble from the studio build!

Look what my little dear got up to yesterday, I have to say a wrote the words underneath the felted letters to give her a head start. I was quite pleased as she is only 3! The 'V' was for Vanessa apparently.
The courses that I was talking about at the Harley Gallery at Welbeck Estates are on this link. It would be worth the trip for anyone, as I said there is a great garden centre with a gift, book and Yeomans inside it. It also has a cafe inside but this one is not as trendy as the Lime House cafe near the Gallery itself. It also has a great Farm Shop, I can highly recommend the frozen croissants, you just defrost them the night before you want them directly on to the baking tray, they grow in size and then cook them for 20 minutes, and Voila! Yum Yum Yum!
All of the above activities are based in one area so just park up and walk!
Have a good day!
Just though I need your feedback- Can you remember the Peg Dolls I made for my little dears Easter Party. Do you think they would sell well on Etsy, and how much would you pay for one, they have all the components and instructions in and would come in some sort of small bag!!!
Let me know!! Please


saraeden said...

Ooooooh i think as NBC blog admin we really need to check out one of those workshops !!!

Glad the gardens doing well ... im still digging mine !!!

Katherines Dream said...

Hehe...I have just bought one of those Grow Houses and think they are great...all my little plants are doing so well.
Carol xx
oh...yes..nothing yet 4 sweeps done, caster oil drunk, pineapple eaten, raspberry tea sipped and this morning....accupressure - hurt! I think that is how it is spelt!!

Pixiedust said...

i've got a mini greenhouse too. I haven't planted anything yet though, i must get organised. I saw some little peg dollies at a craft fair at christmas, and I've made a couple before as well. i think they were about £3-£4 at the craft fair. They would make a great kit for kiddies.

Lavender hearts said...


Good work! I'm planning on planting some chillies, tomatoes, courgettes, herbs and salad leaves tomorrow. I think I'm going to stick them on the window sil because we had to leave our mini greenhouse in our old house. Oh well, I think they'll do ok! We grew some pots in old compost bags last year, it work well but you have to remember to keep topping up the soil so that the plant grows up and the potatoes grow out from the main stem. They also need watering every so often.

Sian x

periwinkle said...

I think your little green house is just great... maybe i can get one when i get a garden-- ooh the possibilities :-0
Lisa x


You've been very productive, I wish I could say the same, I have a lot of catching up to do in the garden. Your little girl is catching on to the crafting, she has made a very good job of that. I am useless at pricing, I usually have a peek in ebay to see if I can find anything similar. You may find some peg dolls there? x

tillyboo said...

I HAD one of those little greenhouses. I say had as one windy day it decided to take a short flight down to the bottom of the garden and got a bit broke :(

My dad had one and the Cornish wind took on a trip round the field next door. Now, that was funny ...

Seriously though they are great aren't they. I'm going to have a go at planting some potties in a bag as my intended veg patch is just a garden waste dumping ground at the moment. Still, the wildlife are happy :)

Andrea said...

These Greenhouses are fab, I didn't want a vegetable patch as I dont really do weeding!! We have, (are trying) to grow vegetables that can be grown on in pots such as parsnips and Carrots, watch this space to see if we succeed!!
Good Luck with yours!

twiggypeasticks said...

Hi there
I was lucky enough to win Peggy Robin Hood who is in pride of place on top of a candlestick! anyhoo, I'd be more than happy to pay £3 - £4 for him, he's fab. I've planted radishes, tomatoes, courgettes, melon, salad leaves and loads of flowers, we have a little nursery growing in our porch at the moment.

Lavender hearts said...


You could literally have a tiny courtyard and the chooks would be fine, they would live in a palace compared to the ones that are farmed! Chickens don't need much space at all really. Our garden's not particularly big, I'd say about 50 ft wide by 60 ft long.

If you need any chicken advice just ask!

Sian x

Sarahs Home said...

I have been tempted to buy one of those Grow Houses.. we have a small veg patch n the garden and I thought I could use one of these to put other plants in that wont fit in the ground.. Nothing like growing your onw, they taste so much better when you have grown them.

Sarah x

picciolo said...

hi Vanessa, thanks for leaving me a kind comment on my blog! I've just been reading yours and discovered the picture of the little box, how nice to see it in use! I've just your email, I'll send you some pictures in a little while
: )

Miss sew n sew said...

It's amazing what 3 year olds pick-up Emily's three and she's started to copy writing her name. Good luck with your veggies we keep talking about having a little veg patch haven't a clue where to start though I'll see how you get on. I'd say about £4 for your peg dolls.

Sandra Evertson said...

Great blog!
Sandra Evertson

Suzie Sews said...

I need a new green house, it got ruined by the windowcleaner ripping the plastic last year with his ladder, I saw him do it and he claimbed it was not him!!! You have inspired me to go and get another one, I can not grow veg in my garden without one as I have a freerange bunny that things its birthday time when he sees me planting!!!
Have a great day

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh lovely, I must admit I am a bit afraid of growing things and so have never tried any veg really apart from when I was little and I would have my own strawberry or radish pot in our veg patch!
Love Alison x
P.S I'm having a little giveaway over on my blog so pop along and take a peek!