Saturday, 12 April 2008

I do sew from time to time!

After a disappointing Tuesday when little dear did not go to her friends, I made up for it on Thursday when she went to Pre school. I managed to get 6 tissue holders made and 14 Lavender Pillows as the evidence of sewing shows.

You might be able to see in the picture one of my latest purchases from Jane at its a fab felt storage box with the cutest little bird print on it. Unfortunately I would like to say I am using it for something more glamorous than cotton scraps but I am not.

In a bid to increase productivity and to get Sara @ All about Edens mojo back with have decided the one thing we both are is 'competitive'. So have decided to run a competition between the two of us for the next couple of weeks, starting from Monday morning. If any one wants to join in the competition please feel free to let me know!

The rules of the competition are for every task you might do as a crafter/SAHM you get points. The winner gets a prize from the looser!

1/2 point for every item packaged up to post.
1 point for every item cut out.
2 points fro every item sews and complete. (No WIP here)
3 points for every time you write & publish a post on blog.
4 points for every hour you spend in the garden.
5 points for every hour you spend doing house work.
10 points for every time you get your kid(s) in bed for 7.30 pm

Obviously there has to be a huge amount of trust in this challenge so no cheating (Sara) please!

I will update you on how the points are piling up (Vanessa).

I am producing a sheet for us to keep a tally of how our points are earnt!

Good luck and may the best & most productive woman win!


Curlew Country said...

Hi Vanessa -oops sorry to have bought up the oilcloth from under your nose! I think the seller puts remnants up regulalry for £10 because I did see a few other designs. She's in Stoke-on-Tremt if you keep a look out. Fingers crossed you'll get one, blimey I feel rotten!

driftwood said...

this is a fun idea!

Katherines Dream said...

Good Luck Vanessa...

saraeden said...

Ey up it sounds good but theres not a chance of me getting the 10 points with Shezzie about !!!

twiggypeasticks said...

Good luck what a great idea, if I did it I'd have to add deduct 10 points for every hour you spend drooling over other peoples blogs - tee hee :)
Twiggy x

shabby chic said...

your sewing space looks so organised!, good luck with your making !

Katy said...

Good luck...I'd love to join in, but I know I'd fail miserably!!! Housework and me are not good friends ;)

Ragged Roses said...

Good luck with the competition - I'm groaning at the thought of it, as I think I would be in the minus points area this past fortnight!

Miss sew n sew said...

Thats a great idea a real incentive to get busy busy busy! Like your sewing area it's very neat and tidy! Your sisters cards are lovely.