Friday, 18 April 2008

Me a winner!

I received this in the post on Tuesday, I knew immediately who it was from! Can you guess?
Perfectly wrapped!

I my daughter now calls him 'Terence the turtle'. He is very beautiful and the colors are great.

His new home, since this photo was taken he is now the holder of the important mobile library times. Very important! Thank you very much Sarah (Paper and Strings) Still don't know how to do the link thing!

Just to show you a picture of the 'Butternut squash & Sweet Potato' soup I made on Saturday. The recipe came from one of the Mum's at Pre school. My little dears Pre-school got £5000 worth of funding to produce a recipe book. All parents/carers had to send in a recipe, we then had a professional photo taken of the child with there parents with there finished recipe. Luckily I made Bruschetta, some made pies and things which after waiting 2 hours to have there photo's taken were a little worst for wear. The recipe books have now been published and each child got one as a Keepsake. We also used the funding to buy each child a personalised apron and cool bag. The school also bought lots of kitchen equipment eg toaster/toastie/juicer/donut maker etc. There are lots more recipes I need to try, but lets not rush in!
Have a good weekend!
Vanessa x


driftwood said...

he's so lovey. and useful too.

to make links in blogger there's a little green symbol like a sideways 8 on the menu bar ( a few to the left of the photo symbol)
type the word you want to make into a link, highlight it, click on the symbol, type in (or copy/paste) the url of the link and hey presto.
hope this helps.

Ragged Roses said...

I love Terence he's lovely and that soup looks yummy too


I like Terence. I'll look in tomorrow for another recipe from the recipe book! x

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

shabby chic said...

Hi Vanessa,
The postman just arrived, and delivered me a little pink packet. Thank you so so much I love the tissue holder and its that lovely fabric too!, its so lovely i am very touched. I love the badge and the little clips too and I am going to pop the little card on my notice board too. Thank you so much it is very kind of you. I will use it too. You are so good making things.
That is a great idea for the pre school recipe book, I think mums have the best recipes!
thanks again that was a lovely surprise to wake up too xx Dom

mollycupcakes said...

You lucky thing.
The soup looks yummy too.
Have a nice weekend hun.


Catherine x