Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Fairs Ahoy!

I just found out yesterday that I have been accepted on to 2 fairs that I applied for a while ago! They are completely new to me so I don't know how they will go, but I have got to give it a go!

Stamford (Lincolnshire) High Street - Sunday 18th May

Renishaw Hall (Sheffield/Chesterfield) - Sunday 28th June

If you want more details or are near by on those dates pop in!

I will up date you later on how the competition between me & Sara is going.

(Another 3 points to add to my tally)


Summer by the sea said...

Hi Vanessa, you will be busy now making stock to keep you going at all these craft fayres! - I haven't forgot about the other blog - shall I e mail you with stuff, or can you add me as a contributor so I can post? - Natalie x - P.S - The wedding stationery is lovely

Pixiedust said...

Thanks for popping by my blog, I'm hoping my get up and go returns soon. Good luck with the craft fairs, we've about 3 teddy bear fairs planned for this year, Sister in Law managed to get into Kensington show again which is always a good one. xx

periwinkle said...

Good luck with the craft fairs , you're gonna be a busy bee making things for them. Is it okay just to post things on Northeren Belles whenever you want?
Lisa x