Monday, 7 April 2008

A view from my Kitchen Window!

Following on from this is a view from my kitchen window, had to wait until this afternoon as the view would be distorted by my hubbo's big pants on the washing line!
My little dears going for her 1st play day at a friends tomorrow straight after school, so I'm going to jump on the crafting band wagon and get some sewing done.
My list for tomorrow is:-
  1. Finish off 2 lots of bunting
  2. Make 10 tissue holders
  3. Cut out 3 bibs
  4. Make 6 cushions
  5. Package up 8 aprons
  6. If I have any spare time I will make some more B****y Lavender Hearts.

Any way going to do some ironing before the last 'Damages' tonight, if you have missed it you have missed a brilliant series a bit strange in parts but FAB!

I will post an update tomorrow with an update. I might get nowt done if little dear rings me from her friends house wanting to come home!

Have you checked out the new , we are still looking for your support. We are trying to update regularly and there is a fabulous freebie coming soon!


Katherines Dream said...

Hi Vanessa,
Katie is ok, she just wants to see the baby now! everything is in place in the nursery. She seems to have stopped getting any bigger! This is the worst bit - isn't it - the last few weeks.
I must check out your new blog....

periwinkle said...

Thats a cute little garden-- how on earth are you going to get all that list done-- good luck
Lisa x

shabby chic said...

Hi I just found your husbands big pants in my garden, the wind must of blown them over!!. I said to my husband this morning that his pants look like a potato sack with the corners cut out!. men and big pants eh!
I am glad you have to make more lavender hearts as they are so nice .

Anonymous said...

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Katherines Dream said...

Me again...
Your list reads like mine!
laughing aloud....your hubs big pants in Shabby chic's garden ??!!
what is going on then!!